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Frugal Workout

Lose Weight!
A Step by Step Guide For the Complete Idiot.
[Disclaimer: I am not a licensed Fitness trainer of Dietitian, consult a Doctor before you begin any workout routine. I THOUGHT I WAS HAVING A HEART-ATTACK when I started.]

Workout for little cost out of pocket, and save time, using these tools.

  • Youtube
  • Use inexpensive light equipment you can carry in your car.
  • Local Park Gyms, you support them with your taxes so use them!

There is no magic bullet to lose weight and keep it off and going to the gym and having a personal trainer are amazing and I’ll share my experiences with them too.

  • Youtube
    There are tons of awesome workouts on Youtube made by Professionals that give you secrets for getting fit and amatures. I want to share the one I’ve incorporated in my workouts.¬† WARNING: This routine is not for beginers, I couldn’t do 5 pushups when I started¬† I will create a accompaniment video for beginers soon.

The following work out from meetdaspartan is so amazing, the one thing I have learned is that a full body workout is best to help you lose weight



Mountain Biking in the Santa Monica Mountains

The best things in life are free, it doesn’t cost much of an investment to get up there and enjoy them. One of the most Beautiful Mountain ranges in California,¬† me and my friends manage to get up and mountain-bike from time to time. with wildlife nestled up next to suburban Los Angeles.

I will ad content about this adventure time permitting to this blog.

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